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We often get asked what we consider Toronto’s best neighbourhoods – but how do you define ‘best’?

In Part 1 of our look at Toronto’s ‘hoods, we’ll look at how prices have changed in the last year – from the first quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2012. Keep in mind that a couple of crazy sales of high-end properties can throw off the stats, but still, this is fascinating stuff.

West Toronto

As Toronto real estate agents living and working in west Toronto, we know this area is hot. There are some great family-friendly neighbourhoods that have plenty of parks, restaurants and shopping and are located centrally enough to allow for decent commutes. But how hot is hot? Check out the stats below:

Bloor West Village – up 41% in the last year, from an average of $682,249 to $959,876.

Brockton Village up 22% from $390,477 to $477,511 (yay, this is our neighbourhood)

High Park – up 24% from $626,981 to $779,234

Corso Italiaup 17% from $494,000 to $579,333

Parkdale Southup 13% from $664,856 to $754,022

Roncesvalles up 21% from $495,807 to $600,475

Wallace Emerson – up 10% from $438,951 to $484,986 (you probably think of this as Bloordale)

Best toronto neighbourhoods for ROI















* Click here to see a map of Toronto neighbourhoods.


Central Toronto:

Everyone knows downtown is HOT, but some of these stats surprised me:

Beaconsfield up 9% from $610,160 to $667,042

Christie Pitts up 12% $588,071 to $661,300

Liberty Village up 16% from $375,253 to $436,910

Little Italy up 18% from $637,025 to $752,183

Trinity Bellwoods up 31% from $648,801 to $846,941

Trinity Niagara up 11% from $373,610 to $415,076 (this includes King West)


Price Decrease Shockers

Cabbagetown prices have gone down 7%

Corktown prices are down 24%

Distillery District prices are down 11%

Financial District  prices are down 36%


Not really a Shocker…

Cityplace only up 6% (vs GTA average of 10%)

ROI in downtown toronto
























Click here for a map of Toronto neighbourhoods.


East Toronto

We spend a lot of time east of Yonge, and it’s no surprise why:

Leslieville up 16% from $481,700 to 558,797

the Danforthup 38% from $551,700 to $759,839

Broadview North up 20% from $504,003 to $606,590



Riverdale  only up 4%

The Beachesno change in price

Playter Estates – prices down 34%

Toronto price increases

Toronto east Price Increases














Click here for a map of Toronto neighbourhoods.

In part 2 of our series on Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods, we’ll look at the best investments for first-time buyers.


(charts reproduced from the Globe & Mail, April 27, 2012)


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