The media is abuzz with the number of condos for sale in Toronto right now. It’sDowntown condos true, there are a lot more downtown condos for sale than usual. But good product? It’s still hard to come by.

Let me start by defining ‘good product’. By ‘good’ I mean cool buildings, great locations, unique layouts or finishes and lofts. We’re working with a lot of condo buyers right now – in fact, we’re preparing offers on two of the ‘good’ condos out there as I type this. But we also have a bunch of clients who can’t find a ‘good’ space – they have reasonable expectations, good budgets (anywhere from $300K-$850K) and are ready to pounce. And yet, as we troll through hundreds and hundreds of listings, it’s slim pickings. I’ve apologized for the lack of ‘good’ downtown listings twice already today.

If you have a ‘good’ condo and are worried about putting it on the market now – stop worrying. You won’t have a hard time selling it. And if you’re looking for a Realtor who knows ‘good’ spaces? Contact us.


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