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We love writing the BREL real estate blog…and given it gets read by hundreds of thousands of people a year, we know people like to read it too. Yay!

We also know that a lot of REALTORS read our blog…and so we’re excited to announce that we’ve started a blog especially for REALTORS: B Spoke (see what we did there? B Spoke from Bspoke Realty? lol)

The B Spoke blog will feature a weekly article we’ve written just for REALTORS: best practices in wowing our buyers and sellers, digital marketing and branding how-to’s, ways to grow your real estate team and professional development ideas to help your business flourish. In the next few months, expect to see the following articles:

  • Must-Attend REALTOR Conferences
  • It’s Time to Marie Kondo Your Business
  • What NOT to Spend Your Money On
  • 50 Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for REALTORS
  • Powerful Listing Presentations
  • 25 Lead Generation Ideas to  Start 2020 Off Right
  • Farming a Demographic
  • A Hiring How-to for Real Estate Teams
  • Do You Need a Coach?
  • 25 Questions to Ask Before Making the Brokerage Switch
brendan powell and melanie piiche

Brendan Powell & Melanie Piche – Bspoke Realty & the BREL team

Just like the BREL blog, B Spoke is written by Melanie and Brendan, so you can expect practical, tried-and-true solutions that work. We’re in the trenches, just like you.

Intrigued? You can sign up for our blog on the brokerage website or follow Bspoke on Facebook.

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