This is my first time writing a review for anyone but I cannot resist to state the following. I had a pleasure to meet Matt Shapiro from the Brel team. I had moved from Sydney to Toronto and in total chaos in this great city with no one to turn to. I had gone through a lot of real estate agents in different continents but this was different. My review is not only about real estate but a true friendship. The genuinely of a real human being who provides his immense support in real time of need, the story of courage. The moment he stepped in I knew I am not dealing with a real estate agent but “THE REAL ESTATE EXPERT”. He relieved me of all the anxiety I had in my new hometown, he was immensely knowledgeable, caring, kind, pages and pages of review can’t express my feeling for this great person. It’s been an honour a true pleasure and a blessing to have him in my life and won’t be able to trade with bag full of diamonds. I have promised to myself that he and his family will always be very welcome in my home and my future dental surgery. I would like to wish him and his entire family the very best of both worlds. Best wishes Matt the ACE of REAL ESTATE & HUMANITY.

Client Name: Tav R. | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Matthew