We had a great experience working with Matt Shapiro, he was very patient especially with us as first time home buyer, he walked us through the whole process up until the moving part. So you should not expect any surprise in any steps because Matt will give info in advance. He was a problem solver, whenever another hiccup comes just tell him and he will figure out a way. Also referred us to the best people, was able to get better approval and rate from his referred broker than the bank we went first to. Also, hands down on his negotiation skills and persuasion abilities as we were able to purchase a condo off market without getting into bidding war with people who has a lot more money than us. The whole thing happened in one weekend, and the next day, both parties signed the offer agreement and I’m glad we were saved from weeks and weeks of stress by looking and bidding on properties. Any doubts I had was positively supported by Matt, as he reassures us along the way. We were impressed with his work ethic and efforts. Lastly, they useĀ an app, that doesn’t require to sign documents personally, which is a plus!! as we don’t have to go back and forth physically. Everything was done electronically and thru our phones! Very innovative.

He really tries his best for his clients. I will gladly and proudly recommend him to any of friends and anybody I know and will call him again when we need a bigger space in the future. Thanks, Matt, we appreciate everything.

Client Name: Rachelle O. | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Matthew