Allie was our first and last call when it came to hiring a real estate agent to purchase our first home. We had read several BREL blog posts with helpful, clear house-hunting information and we could tell BREL’s philosophy fit well with ours. Allie reached out within an hour of our initial inquiry, setting the tone for an efficient, collaborative and comfortable relationship. She sent over useful information right away in clearly organized emails, allowing us to understand the process while not overwhelming us. Both of us are busy professionals and appreciated that Allie worked over email without requiring multiple calls and meetings. When we met a week later to see properties, we appreciated her insights and advice. We fell in love with a place that night, and she encouraged us to sleep on it and not make rash decisions before she did her due diligence. We appreciated that she had our best interests in mind. After much careful thought and analysis, she guided us through the offer process and ultimately helped us land our dream property without the stress of a bidding war. We are so happy! Her attentive service has also continued post-purchase. Thank you, Allie and the BREL team!

Truly, thanks for everything Allie. Erik and I have been so happy with the entire process.

Client Name: Melissa & Erik | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Allie