Kristin is a highly skilled and caring real estate agent. As first time home buyers, it was overwhelming trying to figure out where and what would be our best option for choosing a home, in Toronto. Kristin was extremely knowledgeable and went through the home buying process with us one step at a  time. She is passionate about what she does and she is passionate about the people she works with. What could have been a more stressful experience became much less stressful. Kristin was always available to answer questions that came up throughout the process of buying and this made things much easier. As a real estate agent on the Brel Team, Kristin has resources available that will help you while moving and long after you buy your home. From giving references for home inspectors, real estate lawyers, places to get discounts for home furnishings, to offering to personally help during moving day, Kristin goes above and beyond to help her clients. Her family even brought over their winter shovels to help us clear snow during an unexpected snowstorm during the moving day! Hopefully one of these days, I will be able to get out and go running with her.

Client Name: Joelle R. | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Kristin