So, my condo of 5 years just sold for almost 10% over asking – in less than a day. The offer came through in the 20th hour – actually. But let me back up the train here for a sec and tell you how it all began with an agent named Giulia, backed my a team on a mission. I found The BREL Team after Googling phrases like ‘Toronto’s best real estate agents’ and ‘the value of staging your home for resale’, along with ‘marketing tactics of the best real estate agents’. So naturally, I clicked, saw a website that was incredibly well-designed (unlike the norm) and shot them an email. That’s when I ‘met’ Giulia – about 5 minutes later, over the phone. She told me exactly what she thought of the market, the current opportunities and her plan for selling my place. As a digital marketer myself, I gotta say – it was better than any pitch you’ll find in a text book. Within a few more minutes she sent me that comprehensive strategy in an intuitive online presentation, and, wait for it – offered me a competitive and fair rate that included all the top-end staging rentals (a lot of agents DON’T do this). According to the local real estate board, condos in the area sell in about 27 days. She had ours revamped (cleaned), glamped (staged), listed and sold before I could say Bob’s my uncle (something like 5 days from the moment I hired her). And I am overseas, 6 hours difference, yet there was no fuss or muss – everything was seamless. Oh, and then she got more than asking – I mentioned that right? And asking was ridiculously high. Like it was insane. But she even shattered that barrier for a record breaking sale. So, clearly, I’m sticking with this Giulia character. Anyone need an agent? She’ll impress you beyond your wildest imagination. Trust me. Let’s stay in touch,

Jamie P.

Client Name: Jamie P. | Client Type: Seller | Agent(s) Worked With: Giulia