We worked with Jenny Maycock for the purchase of our home in Oakville. As first-time home buyers, we were nervous about the process and didn’t know what to expect. Jenny has been there guiding us through every big or small step. Our first meeting with Jenny was a short notice for her, but she was very accommodating to make it happen. During the meeting, Jenny took time to walk us through the home buying process, answered all of our questions, and carefully took notes of our preferences for the future home. She was professional but friendly and totally earned our trust after the first meeting. During the process, communication with Jenny has been stellar. She was crystal clear and quick to respond to our numerous emails, texts, calls. She was extremely organized as well. Being organized people ourselves, we were really impressed and grateful for her attention to detail that put our mind at ease. Unlike usual home buyers, we didn’t have a location focus. We cared more about the quality of the home and commuting time rather than a specific neighborhood. That could be challenging for a real estate agent, but Jenny was again patient and accommodating with our preferences. She offered her honest opinions and helped us see through the bads and goods without being too personal or pushy. When we found the home we love, Jenny got into full action, in such a way that we couldn’t ask for more. She contacted the seller agent to learn all she could about the home, diligently performed her comparable market analysis, proactively reached out to another real estate agent for a second opinion because she was not fully familiar with the neighborhood, spent the whole morning in a home inspection with us, strategized and prepared our offer to help us get what we wanted. All of those (and more) happened in just 3 days. Those were the most stressful days for us, but Jenny was always there to help, no matter if it was early morning or late night. Even after the offer was accepted, she’s still checking in with us regularly to see if we have any questions and make sure everything in on track for our closing date. Working with Jenny and the BREL team comes with other great perks as well: – They connected us to an exceptional mortgage broker, Jake Abramowicz. – They recommended a great home inspection service, Carson Dunlop. – They have a staff member to help us on numerous things, thank you Zun! – They recommended good real estate lawyers (but we went with our own for personal preference). – They offer a complimentary concierge service to assist our move. – They have partnered with events and retailers to get us free tickets and discounts. Working with Jenny and the BREL team has been a positive experience for us. We highly recommend Jenny for anyone buying in the GTA, especially in Toronto where she is most specialized in.

Client Name: J.D | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Jenny, Zun