We were first time home buyers and Matt Shapiro was our realtor. The first thing that we observed was his passion for his work. His deep understanding of the market value of houses on sale, his technical know-how on every aspect of a house, estimated costs to repair, renovate etc. is phenomenal. It helped us a lot in decision making. He is very patient, shows empathy and is a genuinely good human being which is so important in this whole business of buying a new house, particularly for first time homebuyers. Matt was extremely supportive and understanding throughout the process and motivated us whenever we would lose hope or ask ourselves if our budget was OK, and Matt would always assure us that our budget was good (turned out it indeed was). He always gave us the confidence that we would find the house we were looking for and we finally managed to find the right house! (we viewed more than a dozen houses). Matt is in himself a full package – he gave excellent contacts and suggestions for our house renovation needs. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and we know that he’ll be our choice again if we plan to buy another property in the future. We would highly recommend Matt and the BREL team. We also briefly worked with Jenny from the BREL team who was also very resourceful and helpful. She gave us excellent advise on financing in the initial stages which was extremely useful for us!

Guru & Prianka

Client Name: Guru & Prianka | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Matthew, Jenny