Matt is very diligent in his work, he treats the property as his own, his concern is always there, he is so helpful from start to end. He is so knowledgable especially for a non-immigrant like us with property in Toronto, he took care of us and I trust him so much. I don’t worry so much even if I am not physically present in the location, all communications are through email, phone call but this is not a problem to us since he constantly updates me on the development and explains to me all the process in detail. I felt so confident and i trust him right at the beginning of the transactions. He guided me on what needs to be done especially on the tax requirements in Canada and he referred me to the right person who has knowledge and expertise on the tax requirements for selling a house of a non-immigrant like us. The sale went smoothly and no problem at all. He personally helped fix and prepare the house without expecting in return. He knows who to call to prepare the house for the open house and ensure we are on the target date as we planned. This is so important to me cause I don’t want to waste time. He is on top of everything and we have a good team work. I am so happy I choose Brel and they assign an agent like Matt Shapiro to us. This is my first time with BREL and at first, I was hesitant because I just search them on the internet and no one referred BREL to me. I am negotiating with another agents at that time but I choose BREL based on review and the way they communicate with me, I feel I can trust Matt Shapiro and I was not disappointed. We end up being friends.

I would like to extend my regards to the BREL team specially to Matt Shapiro, sorry for my late review. Matt knows how busy I am, I just visited the property once during the preparation and I just rely everything to Matt and he took care of all the fixing necessary to ensure we are on time planned, he was able to deliver on time,sell the property in a short period of time, closing is so smooth no problem and we work together as a team even I am so far, he constantly providing updates and what to do, call contractors to fix things and I trust him so much, he is so concern with my budget and took care of the house while we are away. Thank you so much for your hard work, BREL found a dedicated agent like Matt, he is exceptional, very kind and helpful and best of all understanding and can be trusted. For sure I will recommend BREL and request for the service of Matt of course if that’s possible.


Toronto homeowner from California USA

Client Name: Girlie Q. | Client Type: Seller | Agent(s) Worked With: Matthew