Brendan Powell and the Amazing Team from Brel were the best when it came to selling my condo! From the excellent suggestions to tidy for the market to the selling approach, I couldn’t have been happier. Offer night went smoothly with great support from Mel and Brendan in reading through the offers and explanation of the fine print.

The Brel team is very supportive and I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for excellent service. Thanks to Brendan and Lisa, we also looked at properties on the Market while mine was up for sale and found the perfect place to put an offer on the same night as my condo was sold. A busy and exhausting night but a great success. A shout out to Mel who went through all the details for accepting an offer and submitting an offer on the same night.

Client Name: Gail D. | Client Type: | Agent(s) Worked With: Melanie, Brendan, Lisa