I reached out to BREL on the afternoon of Dec 24th and Dena was still at work and took my call. I explained what I was looking for and that I would be out of the country until January 7. That I would be back on January 7 and would need to look at as many listings as possible in one day in order to move in two days later. Dena made multiple appointments, efficiently organized by location, cut out ones she knew I wouldn’t like, etc. The third condo I saw was the one but we still looked around, just in case. Two days later I was in a condo that had previously had three applicants declined by the landlord. Dena helped me prepare an application with a lot of information on my background so to win over a tough landlord. I am so happy I found Dena! I have a beautiful view of the Rogers Centre and CN Tower and am happy to be home.

Client Name: Erin E. | Client Type: Tenant | Agent(s) Worked With: Dena