Think purchasing a property in Toronto while living in Romania is impossible? Nicole made it happen! When we decided to move from Europe back to Canada and purchase a condo in Toronto, we were in a conundrum: because we had found our dream home, we needed to start the purchasing process right away while waiting for our kids to finish school in Europe. To us it felt like a mammoth task to go through the purchase while abroad, but Nicole organized everything and gathered the right people who could make this happen. Although we have obviously gone through a lot of uncertainty, Nicole has always made us feel pampered and being looked after, coordinating people involved in the purchasing process, making arrangements to suit our busy schedules and time zone differences, answering our silly questions and keeping in touch with us, and all these during her last few weeks of pregnancy and the first weeks with her new baby! While we appreciated Nicole’s outstanding professionalism, expertise in the field and incredibly valuable counseling advice in this situation where we were not able to physically see the apartment, I think what impressed us most was her human side. Even if we only saw each other on Skype, she has always been authentic and we immediately felt at ease and established a trusting relationship. Working with Nicole was absolute bliss! Suzana and Adrian

Client Name: Adrian & Suzana | Client Type: Buyer | Agent(s) Worked With: Nicole