our real estate partnersToday I want to dedicate a blog to all the behind-the-scenes peeps who tirelessly work to make the BREL team operate like a well-oiled machine:

JP, our Designer Extraordinaire: JP, you make us look good (and yes, we mean that literally). We love that your design skills make our listings sell so fast, and our advertising/creative clients think we’re cool because of you. We also love that you love beer as much as us.

Larry, Evan and Brad: Thank you for supporting our random ideas, our ridiculous deadlines and pushing us to continuously deliver awesome experiences for our clients.

Our go-to Mortgage Guru Henry Vincent at RBC: Henry, we’re sorry we sometimes call you at 10 pm to pre-approve a Buyer, but thanks for always picking up the phone. And thanks for the time you saved that condo closing while sitting in an airplane on the tarmac. We love that we can rely on you.  (https://mortgage.rbc.com/henry.vincent)

Our go-to lawyers David and Sonia Kalia at Feld Kalia: We love that we can Facebook or Tweet you questions 24/7…thanks for always looking out for our clients and being cool with technology. Also, we love that we got a ride in your Fisker. (www.feldkalia.com)

Our go-to home inspectors at Carson Dunlop: Thanks for going into the scary basements, finding the knob and tube and introducing our Buyers to their new homes. And thanks for always squeezing us into your busy schedules. (www.carsondunlop.com)

The office staff: I don’t know how you manage to keep all our paperwork straight or answer the phone so many times in a day – and do it with such positivity. We’ve never worked with such a strong admin and marketing team as you guys.

Our Web Design peeps over at Artifakt – they’re the brains behind this website, the people who push us to make our website a great experience for our readers. Andre, thank you for responding to my panic-stricken emails at 5 AM and for saying no when I want to do something stupid. Any REALTOR would be lucky to work with you. (www.artifakt.ca)

Our Brand Strategist and Writer Melanie (aka the ‘other Melanie’) – you’ve been my best friend since we were 15. Who knew while we were chasing boys in Espanola, that you’d one day end up being so talented and such an important part of my business? I’m sorry I change my mind about what I want all the time, but thanks for keeping me on the straight-and-narrow about my brand. And well, thanks for just being part of my life.

So there you have it – the team behind the BREL team. Happy fall real estate market everyone!

Mel & Brendan


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