If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, if you’re like most Torontonians, you’re addicted to the Toronto MLS public website, realtor.ca. It’s the go-to place to find properties for sale in Toronto. But let’s be honest, realtor.ca isn’t the most user-friendly experience. And the data is often a few days behind what’s really happening. And a lot of the properties on there are total crap. What’s a potential Buyer/Seller/Curious person to do?

Enter the HotList. 

About a year ago, we started compiling Toronto’s best real estate p0rn for those people who love looking at listings but actually have to work/raise the kids/take the dog for a walk. We troll the listings all week and pick our favourite condos, houses and affordable (by T.O. standards) starter homes. You can sign up for the HotList here – we e-mail it out every Friday.




We upped our game recently when we developed a possible addiction to Pinterest. Now we can pin all of our favourite style, design and architecture inspirations. Not pinning yet? It’s probably the next Facebook so get on it! Follow us on Pinterest here.

Who are we kidding, one of the primary reasons we became Toronto Realtors is because we love looking at houses and condos. Won’t you join us?




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