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This was my reality today: back and forth I toggled between crush listings, agonizing. Well, I HAVE to choose the Candy Factory Loft right? It’s gorgeous and has that awesome horse picture (SUCH a sucker for horse pictures sigh). Who wouldn’t pick this space – the wood, the windows, the space – I can’t even???


Then I would  go back to the amazing Merchandise Building space and groan. 1,200 sq ft, concrete ceilings, south exposure. GROAN.

Again, getting killed by Toronto’s seriously awesome loft spaces. And then it hit me – I COULD CHOOSE BOTH, right? I’ve done it before, only that time it was times three.

So I did. And here they are. Which one would you pick?

993 Queen Street West #104


Mark C. Lederer, Lederer Real Estate Ltd.

155 Dalhousie Street #1050


Aaron Gonsenhauser, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.

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