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You know when your friends send you pictures of a house with the all CAPS  directive ordering you to LOOK AT THESE PICTURES NOW? And you do, knowing that you are going to faint from the awesomeness?

Yeah. That’s usually what happens to all of us on the BREL team too. (Especially when we send dog or cat pictures, but I digress.) And yeah, we do get light headed and fall in love. It isn’t often that our team of Toronto house junkies have a difference of opinion on loving sexy Toronto listings. Or, in the case of this week’s Real Estate Crush of the Week, TASTE.

This week’s crush is Melanie & Jeanette’s obsession. They’ve been crushing on the pictures all week, have sent the listing to friends and clients and they couldn’t wait to nominate it for this week’s crush. What could be easier, right? Well, not so fast. Kristin here & I am not IN LOVE.

So, loyal readers – you be the judge – do I just have no taste? (Full disclosure – the rest of our agent team (Hi B!, hi Mike! hi Matt!) wasn’t asked for their opinion, nor were our awesome Zun or Lianne (SORRY), so this week’s crush is in no way a true result from a BREL team focus group. Hey guys – now is your chance to weigh in too! Am I crazy for not loving this house?

99 Stafford Street


Joe G. Machado, Homelife Regional Realty Ltd.

This unique, corner, freehold townhouse has it all! From it’s own private drive that is steps from one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods, it features:

  • amazing living space with gas fireplace
  • W/O to backyard from the amazing kitchen
  • THREE gas fireplaces
  • heated bathroom floors
  • outside shower for people & animals (okay, maybe…)

This house truly is one of kind. Would you buy it? Let us know where you stand – do you LOVE this house or do you just feel meh? Tell us all your feels here.

Missed last week’s crush? Sorry, it sold.


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