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Okay. So is it just me or have you ever met a house that you KNEW would make you a better person if you lived there? YES? You too? Good. Zun and I are not alone then. LET’S ALL LIVE HERE PLEASE – IT CAN BE THE BREL RESIDENTIAL GROUP HOME? Sound good Melanie? Brendan?

This Georgian style house is everything.

Right? Where do we even start?

  • well it’s huge 3,225 sqft + 1,170sqft in the basement – enough room for everyone!
  • those floor to ceiling windows are killing me
  • do you see that city skyline?
  • chevron floors everywhere – even in the bathroom!
  • I can’t even with the white kitchen + WINE FRIDGE
  • more fireplaces!
  • 5 beds, 5 baths
  • 4 parking spaces

Zun and I want you to have this house if we can’t. We’ll just be sitting over here on that terrace until you decide.

88 Glenrose Avenue


Nancy Lee Jobin & Paul E Maranger, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada Inc.







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