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So. I am a total sucker for a great front porch. Our old house had a great one – so much that it became our second living room in the summer. Our new house? Not so much. Compromise, right? But this week’s crush? OMG. Plus the backyard?

What else?

  • well in addition to the porch ceilings killing me, what do you think about that foyer? I love a good foyer
  • leaded windows EVERYWHERE
  • white kitchen with a banquet (WHAT?)
  • 4 beds, 4 baths
  • do you see that stone wall in the basement PLUS a wine cellar?
  • basement floors are heated
  • 5 parking spots

What more could you want? LET’S GO RIGHT NOW!


52 Playter Blvd

Wilfred A. Veinot, Sutton City Realty Inc.

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