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Oh hey there Summer. Is that really you?

Okay, okay, okay, I know. I don’t mean to upset you with this week’s crush. It is still so cold outside and it even isn’t spring yet (almost) for crying out loud. I KNOW.

But. Hear me out. Not to wish our collective lives away or anything but we are already at the end of March. Then it’s April, which is really May. Then its June. So summer basically isthisclose.

So let’s make our summerselves happy and buy this house! I drive by it about thirty billion times a week. (I promise to stop doing that when you live here.)

5 Crescentwood Road is right on the bluffs and well do I need to go on? Can you imagine having that view to gaze at every day? Summer evening fires as you gaze out over the water.  Yeah. Me too. Let’s keep crushing shall we?

  • over 5,000 sqft of total living space;
  • 24′ ceilings in the family room;
  • open, open, open everywhere with floor to ceiling windows;
  • the kitchen is stupendous (yes I really mean that);
  • fireplaces – indoor and out;
  • a wall that is basically a glass wine room and I am not sure why you would actually need anything else;
  • the lot is a massive at 50 x 600 ft;
  • 4+2 bedrooms and 5 baths;
  • the floors on the main floor are heated (SOB);
  • interestingly it has a side door with access directly to the home office – well played #5;
  • it has a media room; AND
  • it has an electric car charger – does this mean I can buy a Tesla???

The only thing that is missing is a hot tub. But I can already see where the perfect spot for one is, let me show you. Leave it to me to make the hard decisions people. You just move in. We’ll take care of the rest.

5 Crescentwood Road
Stephanie Toufexis & Stefan Andre Stepien, Harvey Kalles Real Estate

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