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Now I normally don’t love a modern box rebuild ( I seem to love only old houses that need a ton of work, sigh).

But this week’s crush is different. It is located in a great ‘hood and the added plus it is on my best friend’s street, so it has the best neighbours. BREL helped them get this awesome house a few years ago. And given the asking price of this week’s crush – helping them get their house was a great decision!

This house is pretty sweet, I think you’ll agree:

  • 5 – FIVE! – levels
  • built-in garage (no more snow covered car!)
  • 4beds, 4 baths
  • finished basement with its own bathroom
  • another additional basement space that can be a family room
  • hardwood floors everywhere
  • amazing open concept kitchen
  • huge windows

Just stunning. Let’s go today!

450 Rhodes Avenue


Cameron Jon Weir & Scott Hanton, The Weir Team


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