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This week’s crush is one I drive by almost daily – I’ve been watching it for months now, dying to know what it looks like inside. Now we all know and I think we can agree it is BEAUTIFUL. Sigh.

What doesn’t this house have? Well let’s count what it does have:

  • not only is the house huge (over 5,000 sqft), so is the lot – hello giant backyard!
  • 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
  • 11ft ceilings
  • massive floor to ceiling windows
  • it is death by a kitchen again this week
  • the bathrooms are unreal
  • the master has a terrace with panoramic views
  • built-in 2 car garage
  • can we talk about the backyard again – so much space

Which leads to answer our question what is it missing? A pool.

Let’s buy it so we can put one in.

36 Beaufort Road


Mark Richards & Nicole Lasko, ReMax Hallmark Mark Richards Group






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