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I know I say this every week, but this week’s crush has just about killed me dead. You too, right?

You still with us?

I thought it would be fun to play a game while searching for this week’s real estate crush. The words we all dream of hearing – what if your Toronto real estate budget was of no concern? What if you could have anything (ahem, real estate related) you wanted? Get ready for a ton of CAPS. Sorry.

Yes, this was my choice.  Almost $10M of condo. A CONDO.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Beach house. But every time I go into a spectacular condo space in this city I get hit with what-ifs? But the views! The maintenance free life!

This week’s crush is a what-ifs doozy. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT TERRACE (& hot tub) TO ME.

I mean, what am I even looking at?

  • over 3,400 sqft of living space + 1,565 for that terrace
  • 2 storeys, with 3 bedrooms
  • 11 foot ceilings
  • OMG PRIVATE ELEVATOR – don’t make me walk up that glass and steel staircase
  • the chevron flooring
  • pantry AND wine ROOM
  • gas fireplace
  • 3 car garage – remember we are in the middle of downtown Toronto


180 University Avenue PH01


Kristen Michelle Duern, Chesnut Park Real Estate Ltd.



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