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Okay. I have a confession to make.  I have loved Kensington Market since I was 10 years old & star struck with downtown Toronto. I spent my early teens combing the clothing stores with my friends after school, always on the hunt for a shorter vintage school kilt to swap out my uniform with.

I spent my late teens hitting the super cool clubs there (& still more shopping) and my twenties were spent having cocktails in a variety of classic market spots and more agonizing shopping choices. Then, when I got ancient in my thirties, biking through the market happened most weekends.

But you know what…and here comes the confession…

I really never felt cool enough to hang in the Kensington hood even though now old Kristin tells young Kristin you totally were.

So this week’s crush is a tribute to what a wannabe cool old Kristin could have right now. I want it so bad.

Don’t you agree? Are you cool enough? Yes, I think you are. Let’s go see it right now.

21 Nassau Street #103


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