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This week’s crush ain’t no beach crush. (Thank goodness I hear you all saying.)

Just wait until you see this Trinity Bellwoods loft:

Yep. See? Close your mouth. What a stunning property. Jeez.

What does it have you ask? Let me tell you:

  • windows for days
  • 2 beds, 2 bath
  • IT’S A PENTHOUSE (done & signed)
  • it is big – over 1.700 sq ft of interior & exterior living
  • an upstairs and a downstairs
  • a cedar clad terrace
  • south west city views

I think I’d like to live here very much. Let us know if you if you feel the same.

183 Dovercourt Road PH04


Christopher Andrew Bibby, Remax Hallmark Realty Ltd.



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