We here at BREL headquarters LOVE ourselves a townhome. Our amazing King West Georgian townhouse sold in record time last week and we just recommended that maybe buying a townhouse is a better idea than buying a house.

So this week’s crush is totally fitting. A gorgeous Annex townhouse located in a super cute lane? Check.

Live in the heart of the Annex and be steps from cafes, restaurants & shops? Check.

Want a 2-storey lane home that offers top of the line finishes? Check.

We’ll let the gorgeous pictures speak for themselves.

C3321997_10 (1)
C3321997_12 (1)
C3321997_11 (1)
C3321997_9 (1)
C3321997_5 (1)
C3321997_8 (1)
C3321997_7 (1)
C3321997_6 (1)
C3321997_4 (1)
C3321997_14 (1)
C3321997_15 (1)
C3321997_13 (1)
C3321997_16 (1)
C3321997_3 (1)
C3321997_2 (1)
C3321997 (1)
C3321997_19 (1)
C3321997_18 (1)
C3321997_17 (1)

18 Loretto Lane


Marcos Martins, Sutton Group Security Real Estate Inc.

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