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Let’s file this week’s crush under the “Go Big or Go Home” file. Right? It has been awhile since we’ve featured a house like this, so let’s have some fun, shall we?

Let’s start with:

  • it’s basically a super fancy mansion, not a house
  • on an acre lot in Rosedale
  • the foyer has 2-storeys
  • there is silk, not paint, on some of the walls
  • oh yeah, it’s also over 17,000 sqft big
  • it basically has everything: skylights, a fountain, a cathedral ceiling, fireplaces (!)
  • plus it’s own gym, billiard room, a library, a media room & a great room
  • WINE CELLARS PLUS TASTING ROOMS (that is where you can find me)
  • a POOL!!!
  • french doors everywhere & canopy beds abound
  • 10 car underground parking with a car wash (hahahahahaha)

Again, right? Well, we can’t go and see it because we really can’t afford it. But it is nice to dream together.

10 Highland Avenue


Elise S. Kalles, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.


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