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So anyone who knows me personally, knows that I am ridiculously sentimental about my childhood neighbourhood. Proof here. Again here. Sigh.

So of course this week’s crush is more of the same. BUT different. Why? Because beyond just being in the hood, I have actually wanted to live in this house since the time I was old enough to ride my bike by my own self to piano lessons. (Long. Time.Ago. I miss you Mrs. Blair, best piano teacher ever.)

Just to be clear – I have wanted to have this house for as long as I can remember.


Let’s count the ways not buying this house right now is killing me:

  • THE LOT. The end.
  • the lake views
  • it has a pond (slowly killing me even faster inside)
  • beamed ceilings
  • sunken great room
  • 170.63 wide lot EXACTLY (more or less)

Sigh again. Please come and see it with me?

7 Kingsbury Crescent


Charlotte Xiang, Home New World Realty Inc.


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