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When we fall in love with a home, it becomes a character in the story of our lives. And the stories that have happened at 563 St Clarens? They’re the kind you remember forever.

We helped the current owners, Sean and Cat, buy this house more than 5 years ago. It was ❤️ at first sight. We saw the house for the first time at 10 PM and within 24 hours, it was theirs.

Since then, they have built successful businesses, brought friends together for legendary feasts, and most notably, thrown a ‘birthday party’ that turned out to be their surprise wedding, with the home as the backdrop for their “I dos”. 

Brendan and I were at that wedding on St Clarens. In fact, if you look closely at the video above, you’ll see us in one of the photos.

These are the stories and memories that make a house a home.

We couldn’t help but select 563 St Clarens Avenue as our Real Estate Crush of the Week. We’ve been crushing on it for years.

Life is pulling Sean and Cat away from this home now, and St Clarens is ready for the next chapter. Will you “Say Yes to the Address”, and choose to make St. Clarens part of your story?

Here’s a link to the full listing. Get in touch if you want to see it for yourself!


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