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Okay. Okay. Deep breath. Okay. OMG YOU GUYS THIS HOUSE. I’m speechless.

Now I know you regularly put up with me and my crushes going on and on about how super, great and cute this house and this house and this house is. BUT THIS HOUSE. Seriously right?.

This kind of Toronto house is exactly where all of my favourite Canadian lit characters came home to in order to get closure on their childhood pasts. (Looking right at you Elaine Risley and your cat’s eye marble.) And you just know when you google the street something super cool Canadian Toronto history nugget will come up – and yep – a famous former resident of MacKenzie Cres was an history buff and worked for the CBC & work on the set of The Friendly Giant so you’re welcome. See? You are smarter just thinking about living in this house.

Look at that principal bedroom with room for the king sized bed, private balcony, gorgeous built-in bookshelves and that wood burning fireplace. You couldn’t IMAGINE this room into reality and have it be any better.

What else doesn’t this Little Portugal “Queen Anne” (plus throw in some Georgian and Gothic details just for fun) house have? Well not much. Here’s why:

  • I don’t even have words for how that foyer makes me feel (the double doors, the tiled entrance way, the actual foyer foyer, the transom windows, the stained glass omg)
  • The floors are killing me slowly inside – chevron and whatever that hardwood is doing are my new favourite floors
  • The character, the high ceilings, the mouldings, the built-ins, the fireplace, the stained glass, the huge windows
  • The kitchen is, well, it is white. The walk-out to the backyard is amazing.
  • You know how I feel about the principal bedroom so let’s move on to the LIBRARY?
  • Or is it a music room? Or is it where you are going to write your best selling novel by the 2nd fireplace?
  • Or is it a drawing room? Who cares? It is stunning and it can be whatever you want it to be.
  • There is another fireplace in there somewhere and for those of you counting along so that makes 3.
  • Let’s go up to the 3rd floor with its slanted ceilings and walk-out roof-top terrace – even those doors to the terrace are stunning
  • Nanny/in-law/student suite in the basement with separate entrance
  • Complete with lane-way parking

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t as speechless as I thought. Call us! Let’s talk about this house. Maybe we could go halfsies?

21 MacKenzie Crescent


Kenneth B. McDonald, ReMax Hallmark Realty Ltd.

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