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Bidding wars have been a reality in the Toronto real estate market for some time now, and even this past August (technically one of the “slow” months), 35% of the houses downtown sold for more than asking (in other words, in a bidding war).

We can only expect that September will bring more of the same – too many Buyers chasing too few houses.

The stories of Buyers who lose 5 or 10 bidding wars always puzzle me – how can that happen? Are they bidding on the wrong houses? Getting bad advice? Not taking good advice?

Reality check: there are tried-and-true ways of winning a bidding war, and it doesn’t (always) mean throwing ridiculous amounts of cash at a house. There are ways to be a prudent home Buyer, pay market value and win that bidding war.

We’re going to be sharing our secret bidding strategies in the first-ever BRELINAR this Wednesday (September 4th), from 8-9 PM. Simply sign up for our Bidding War Bootcamp here and we’ll send you the link to watch live. You can send us your specific questions via e-mail (brel@getwhatyouwant.ca), text (416-827-0789) or Twitter (@thebrelteam) and we’ll cover as many of them as we can.

bidding wars in toronto

Nobody likes to lose a bidding war – arm yourself with the knowledge to get the house you want.

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