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When selecting our weekly real estate crushes, we have so much fun at BREL headquarters debating which property should make the cut – we take our crushes very seriously! It’s usually an easy team argument to have as there is usually a clear winner, but not this week. This week I have a confession to make.

It’s Kristin from the BREL team and this week’s crush is all mine.  It’s PERSONAL. Now no one could claim that this week’s crush has super sleek or sexy modern lines. It can’t be called a stunning architectural gem. There can’t be any gushing about its sophisticated spaces or gourmet chef’s kitchen. It doesn’t have a wicked rooftop patio or spectacular city views.

But it does have something else entirely – it has THAT FEELING. You know what I am talking about – that feeling that says this is home. That is what 22 Birchmount Road feels like to me.

Why? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that this house is located just 4 doors up from where my childhood home once was on the fantastic Scarborough Bluffs. I have such great memories of growing up in such an amazing neighbourhood; adventures climbing down the Bluffs to the lake below, games of hide and seek even after the streetlights came on, endless trips to Taylor Public Library and riding my bike to piano lessons all by myself. Sigh.

Yeah. I should probably buy this house right?

22 Birchmount Road

Price: $839,000

George Sloan, Real Estate Homeward

So while it might not be the sexiest house on this week’s HOT list, I love everything about it:

  • the wide plank wood floors are killing me
  • formal dining room with fireplace
  • open concept kitchen
  • fabulous walkout to back patio
  • hot tub (!!!)
  • great master suite with private deck
  • the LOCATION – it’s a perfect place to have a childhood, trust us
  • potential income from a basement apartment

Missed last week’s crush? It’s a pretty great one too.



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