This month, we’re featuring a bunch of adoptable dogs that were part of the Redemption Paws October Texas rescue – 100+ dogs that were saved from a high-kill shelter (including 5 mamas-to-be). While many of the doggos have already found their forever homes, there are still some fabulous dogs looking for their people:


Alert: Lady Chantry

One of the doggos still looking for a home is our very own foster, Lady Chantry. She’s a 10-year old, 9.5-pound rat terrier who found herself homeless when her Person went to a nursing home. Don’t her senior status and small size fool you – this girl has a LOT of spunk. She doesn’t love the cold (or the rain) but loves every blanket and soft bed she meets. She’s potty trained, quick to learn new commands and has been gaining confidence every day. She gets along with her foster siblings Brella and Finn, though she’s very particular about which dogs (and people) she likes and chooses to trust. She’s a bit of a Bossypants but tries really hard to be a Good Dog.

Chantry’s Real Estate Needs: Her ideal home is quiet and filled with love. She ‘d prefer a house to a condo and if she could be the centre of attention (read: the only dog) that would be fine by her.

Interested? You can apply to adopt Chantry or any of the other dogs featured in the video here.






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