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It’s month three of the No Dog Without a Home, No Home Without a Dog blog series and we are starting to make a difference!  One of our readers actually reached out last month about Kevin…we hope the adoption worked out!

If you’re ready to share your home with a doggo, read on….and if the time isn’t right for you, share this blog! We’ve got some awesome adoptable dogs this month.



What’s love going to do with it? Everything in Cooper’s case. I couldn’t help a Tina reference – Cooper’s got legs for days. He’s a chihuahua mix with all the sass and little man-with-big-man-syndrome you’d expect. While it may take him a while to get comfortable with people (especially men), he eventually settles in and loves to cuddle and be on the receiving of ALL the love. He also loves small dogs (and an occasional bigger dog).

Cooper’s Real Estate Needs: Cooper is vocal, so condos or apartments aren’t in his future. He’s looking to share his home with an experienced owner and older (vs younger) children.

You can submit an application for Topher at http://covetedcanines.org/application/.



This is who you get when you cross a Chihuahua and an Australian Sheppard (I’m trying not picture that and neither should you). At just 13 pounds, he’s snuggly and cuddly and loves every single dog he meets. And those eyes? My heart is melting.

Topher’s Real Estate Needs: Topher isn’t a huge fan of stairs (though being carried down them is super fun). In his ideal home, his roommate would work-from-home or have other doggos to play with.

If your home won’t be complete without Topher, fill out an application with the fine folks at Redemption Paws.

Puppies! We’ve Got Puppies!

The Toronto Humane Society is looking for a foster for Willow and her ten – yes TEN puppies. Brendan won’t let me do it, but maybe you’re married to a better person than me.

Willow And Her Babies’ Real Estate Needs: Being a new mom is hard, and having 10 littles is even harder. Willow is looking for a calm and quiet home where she can focus on raising her pups for 8-12 weeks.

You can read more about fostering for the THS and apply here: http://bit.ly/thsfoster.


Molly and Roxie

I’m ending this month’s blog with a twosome: Molly and Roxy. These two bonded senior shih poos are looking for a special someone. Up until now, they haven’t experienced the life they deserve and are hoping to find that special someone to show them what it really feels like to be loved. Roxy (12 years old) is blind in both eyes while her sister Molly, age 9, has a heart murmur – both require medication. They are impeccably well behaved and have so much left to give. Please contact, Kathy, at adopt@teamdogrescue.ca to learn more.

Molly & Roxy’s Real Estate Needs: Molly and Roxy are looking to share a home with someone who will allow them to remain together and finally experience real love.


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