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Part of me often wonders if my real life calling was to save dogs. While I’ve rescued, fostered and matched pups and people, I want to do more.

Today, I’m excited to put the power of this website (and its nearly one million annual visitors) to good use and draw on our awesome readers and followers to help rescue dogs. Introducing:

No Dog Without a Home, No Home Without a Dog

Nope, we haven’t started gifting BREL Buyers with puppies as housewarming gifts (though we could always arrange that). Instead, we’ll be featuring some of our favourite Toronto rescue organizations and sharing our top picks for potential new best friends each month.

Bonus: My time spent obsessing and stalking dogs in search of forever homes will finally be justified and I can call it ‘work’.

This month, we’re featuring Black Dog Animal Rescue and Save Our Scruff.

Black Dog Animal Rescue

Black Dog Animal Rescue is a volunteer-run rescue organization in Toronto focused on rescuing dogs from remote communities in Northern Quebec. It’s almost impossible to read their doggo descriptions without wanting to adopt them all, and if you aren’t following them already on Facebook or Insta, you should.

As of writing, they’ve got a litter of 9 Shepherd/Lab/Husky PUPPIES! Adoption applications are due April 1st,

Here’s a sampling of the pups currently available for adoption:

If you aren’t up for dealing with a puppy,  I’m also in love with Jose, a 14-pound chihuahua mix who is described as ‘eager to please’. Can you say no to that face? No way, Jose.

Save our Scruff (SOS)

If you’ve tried to adopt a dog in Toronto, you probably already know that it isn’t easy. Like other rescues, SOS carefully screens their adoptive families, BUT they don’t discriminate against condo dwellers.  “We know that, like amazing dogs, loving families come in all shapes and sizes.” They’re more concerned with matching the right family with the right dog and I love that! Save Our Scruff is also immensely entertaining to follow on social media.

I’ve been crushing on this dog Santa, for a while (and not just because she looks a lot like my one of my own dogs). She’s a 2-year old terrier mix from Ukraine and is described as a ‘smarty-pants’. Who doesn’t love a good smarty-pants?

I also adore Bonjour. At just 20 pounds, I love a dog who is both “rambunctious and a couch potato”. I’m guessing she speaks French and eats croissants and possibly wears a beret.


Know any good rescue organizations we should feature on the blog? Stalking any adoptable pups you can’t adopt because your husband won’t let you have more than two dogs? (yea, I’m talking about you Brendan).  Comment below or send us a message!


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