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It’s time, once again, for my favourite blog of the month!



Does it get any cuter than this permanent eye patch? Meet Saffron! Newly arrived at Redemption Paws, Saffron is a 25-pound 8-month old Australian cattle-mix.

Saffron’s Real Estate Needs: Saffron is looking for a home filled with love!



Well hello, Lacey! This Mini Eskimo dog is 17.5 pounds of pure love. Lacey is a snuggly explorer in love with people, dogs, toys and new adventures. At 2 years old, she’s still learning about life and leashes and where to go potty, but she’s a faster learner. YOu  can find out more about Lacey and fill out an application on the Loyal Rescue website.

Lacey’s Real Estate Needs: Lacey is searching for a home with a fenced yard, where she has room to blow off some energy (and her daily zoomies). Ideally, there’s another energetic dog and someone to keep her company part of the day


Hailing from Mexico, Boni is a teeny 11-pound terrier mix who is approximately one year old. A birth defect causes Boni to spin when she walks or runs, though medication is controlling her seizures. Her foster family at Just Paws describes as her the ‘most cuddly dog you’ll ever meet’ – a high compliment indeed. She loves people, dogs (she’d love a doggo sibling)…and even thinks cats are fun. Here she is performing her latest ballet:

Boni’s Real Estate Needs: Boni’s ideal house is a bungalow with a nice big yard. She can’t really go for walks and stairs aren’t her thing, given her physical limitations. She would consider a two-storey house if her new family is committed to carrying her up and down.


Those eyebrows are on fleek!

Devon is a 2-year old yorkie/shih tzu mix, which coincidentally (or not), is the same mix as our own dog Brella, so we can attest to the awesomeness of the breed. At just 13 pounds, Devon  loves ball and butt scratches and chilling at your feet (also three of Brella’s favourite activities). While a bit shy at first, once he’s decided you’re his people, he won’t leave your side.

Devon’s Real Estate Needs: Devon is looking for a quiet home without small children.


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