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I’m stalking so many dogs right now, I can’t even. I want ALL the dogs.

If you’re looking to add to your family this fall, consider these awesome adoptable pups:


Would you even notice 8 pounds of doggo in your home? Probably not. Little Trinket here would barely take up any room at all and might very well fly under the radar of less-than-cooperative spouses. Except she’s super friendly and follows her people like a shadow and is likely to bring so much love into your home that everyone will fall deeply, madly in love.

Trinket’s Real Estate Needs: Trinket is super-chill and hasn’t really taken a position on the East of Yonge vs. West of Yonge debate. We expect she’d be just as happy in Leslieville as she would be in High Park.

Get more info and apply to adopt Trinket at Redemption Paws.


Otis, an extremely friendly American Bulldog who is already 70 pounds at just 6 months old – and he’s expected to grow to 120 pounds. Like most puppies, he has tons of energy and needs a family who is committed to walking him (he currently gets walked 4-5 times daily). He’s good with dogs, cats and dog-savvy kids over 10 years old – but he chases squirrels and bunnies and guards his food and toys.

Otis’ Real Estate Needs: Given his size and energy-level, Otis is looking for a nice house that comes with experienced bulldog owners who can help shape him into a proper gentleman. A nice backyard and easy access to dog parks would be ideal.

Contact adopt@covetedcanines.org or fill out an application at covetedcanines.org/application.


Sheppard Puppies!

Save Our Scruff has two litters of shepherd puppies, ready for adoption the third week of September. Don’t be fooled by their tiny size, they will grow up to be 90+ pounds. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a puppy – don’t forget how much work the first year can be.

Puppy Real Estate Needs: These puppies are looking for experienced dog owners used to the high amount of physical and mental stimulation this breed requires as they mature. Big backyards and easy access to parks and trails will be much appreciated by these pups.


A classy name for a classy guy. This seven-pound chihuahua/dachshund is about as cute as it gets. And somehow, he’s managed to overcome his rambunctious genes – he’s quiet and chill.

Fitzpatrick’s Real Estate Needs: Except for meal-time, he’s super quiet, so he’d do well in a condo.

Check out Redemption Paws for more info.



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