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It’s been a month already? Thankfully, I’ve been stalking dogs since I wrote the March No Dog Without a Home, No Home Without a Dog edition, and have discovered some great new rescue organizations. I’m focusing on special needs dogs this month, so if you’ve got extra love to give, read on.

Brendan still hasn’t agreed to let me get another dog, so I’m counting on our readers to help re-home some of this month’s featured adoptable dogs. Please share this post with your dog-loving friends!


First up: Baru, from Save Our Scruff.

Aren’t those just the SWEETEST EYES ever? And get this: he lost his tongue as a pup. In true dog-style though, he hasn’t let that get him down (though it does mean his new owner will have to spoon food into his mouth and provide a water fountain). Baru hails from Costa Rica and is eager-to-please and friendly. He gives tongue-less kisses, OMG 😍!!!! He’s great with dogs, kids and people of all kinds and his foster family thinks he would make a great second dog.

Baru’s real estate needs: his future home needs air conditioning to help him regulate his temperature. Pura Vida!


Next up: a 6-pound Papillon/Poodle mix named Kevin, currently residing with the good folks at Just Paws.

Kevin is an 8-year old with special needs too…he’s deaf. He’s friendly, loves to cuddle and he’s low-to-no shedding. Coming in at just 6 pounds, he’d make an excellent condo dog. And that name? OMG, everybody needs a Kevin. Note: Just Paws doesn’t adopt out their pups to families with kids under 8 for insurance reasons.

Kevin’s real estate needs: He’s easy going, as long as that condo or house is filled with love.


I have a bit of a Chihuahua/Cavalier King Charles problem (I love them ALL) and had a really hard time picking from among all the adoptable doggos on the Loyal Rescue website. But Harley? Well, he just stole my heart.

Weighing in at just FIVE POUNDS, Harley was rescued from a hoarding situation. Harley likes to take things slowly, so don’t expect him to hop into bed on the first date. But once he’s decided you’re his people?  There’s nothing he loves more than a belly rub. Harley has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, which is treated by anti-seizure meds that seem to have things under control. Harley gets along well with dogs (but he’s not a fan of cats) and because of his size, he’s looking for an adults-only home.

Harley’s real estate needs: Because he can be vocal, he’s looking for a detached house with a fenced yard (aren’t we all?).


When a rhyme won’t do, you need a haiku:

Puddled on the floor

A symbol of excitement

You’ve come to visit

Well hello, Rhymer! Though he may be timid (and missing an eye), 2-year old Rhymer is all love. He’s housebroken, crate-trained and walks well on a leash (but he does like to stop and smell the roses). He has luxating patellas (knee issues) and will require supplements and surgery down the road. Rhymer is currently being cared for by Coveted Canines.

Rhymer’s real estate needs: Rhymer’s looking for a quiet home in a nice neighbourhood where he can take long, leisurely strolls. He can be especially timid around men, so while everyone is encouraged to apply, Rhymer reserves the right to discriminate about who he chooses as his people.

Special Guest Appearance: Kittens!

While this blog series is focused on dogs, I’m actually a cat person too. I’d be remiss not to mention that kitten season is upon us, which means the shelters and rescues are quickly filling up. Translation? There’s a greater urgency to find homes for adult cats…and lots of adoptable kittens too. I love the people at the Quinte Humane Society…here are seven of the 19 kittens they took in over a 2-day period last week.

Who do you know that we should know? We’d love to know the dogs you’ve been stalking and the rescue organizations you love. Please comment below!



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