Brendan Powell

Runaway caterpillar? Creepy guy on the street?

It is with mixed feelings that I report that Brendan is once again this year attempting to grow a moustache for Movember.

The cons:  I need to look at that hairy lip and debate whether he looks more like a porn star from the 70’s or the cop from the Village People.

The pros: Brendan is raising money for prostate cancer research via The Cain Family Cancer Foundation, a foundation that was set up 7 years ago in memory of the father of two of the agents we work with at Sage.

On Friday, November 29th, friends, family and a bunch of moustachioed Sage agents will gather for the annual ‘Bob’s Moustache and Cleavage Party’ at the Berkeley Church. Last year’s party was a blast (complete with a food truck!) – and we came home having scored some great stuff at the silent auction. A lot of great stuff in fact (I tend to be competitive).

If you’d like to support Brendan’s Movember efforts: you can donate directly by clicking this link or better yet, buy a ticket to the party and join us at the Moustache and Cleavage Party. If you’d like to donate something for the auction, send us a message and we’ll make it happen.

Happy Movember people (and sorry ladies….)



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