The BREL team is proud to be part of Sage Real Estate, a full-service boutique brokerage in Toronto. As early adopters of all things tech and social media related, Sage has earned the reputation as one of the most innovative brokerages in Toronto. Here’s why it matters:

Sage Is Good For Our Clients

Sage has an incredible in-house administration team whose job it is to support our clients’ buying and selling experiences. No missed appointments, no lost paperwork, no missing cheques, no grumpy receptionists – trust me, that all adds up to a much better experience.

We’re also fortunate to have the best in-house design team in the city. That means all our listing marketing is professionally designed, and our Sellers’ homes stand out and are remembered.

Sage agents are well respected throughout the GTA. Other agents know that when they’re dealing with someone from Sage, they’re dealing with someone with integrity. They know we won’t play games and will always do right by our clients – and that means smoother negotiations and more confidence in the process for everyone.

Sage Is Good For The BREL Team

You’ve heard the expression “Happy wife, happy life”?
It’s kind of like that in real estate too. When an agent is happy at their brokerage, it’s good for everybody. And Sage makes us happy.

We’re surrounded by some of Toronto’s best agents, doing some of the most innovative marketing and leading the change in our industry. The leadership at Sage pushes us to be better and do better, every day. And that makes us happy.