Shocker: Not every house sells in a bidding war.

Sometimes, nobody shows up on “offer night” and a house DOESN’T SELL.
Sometimes, wicked houses in wicked neighbourhoods get OVERLOOKED by buyers.
Sometimes, houses get relisted for LESS $$$.

We are SUPER EXCITED to unveil our newest email list:

Opportunity Knocks Social Image

How Opportunity Knocks Works

A couple of times a week, we’ll pull together a list of overlooked properties and homes with asking prices that have been reduced – houses we see as Opportunities for Buyers. We’ll aim to send out the list twice a week or whenever we see something too good not to share.

See a house you like on the list? If you aren’t already working with an agent, we’ll be happy to take you to see any of these missed opportunities.

Who Should Sign Up for Opportunity Knocks?

You should sign up for Opportunity Knocks list if:

  • You’re tired of playing the bidding war game
  • You want a “deal” on a house
  • You want to stay on top of the market and everything that’s happening!

Get on the Opportunity Knocks list here.

Note to REALTORS: We love that you sign up for all of our marketing campaigns, but this list is for Buyers only…sorry!


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