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Brockton Village townhouses, Lighthaus Beaconsfield

UPDATE: Click here for the official details, prices, floorplans of the newly -renamed Lighthaus Brockton townhouse project. 


You may remember a post we did back in May, about a new luxury townhouse development in Brockton Village by Great Gulf  – Lighthaus Beaconsfield. While we had expected the project to launch in August, like many other new condo developments this year, the launch was delayed. Here’s the latest scoop:

  • The model suite/sales centre is steadily taking form on Queen Street West (one block of east of Dovercourt). Our insiders tell us it should be ready at the end of the month (yay!)
  • There’s a meeting with the City of Toronto on November 14 to consider a few variances to the city’s rules and regs – specifically, the Lightahaus project is looking to reduce the number of visitor parking spots from 4 to 2 (though each unit has 2 parking spots, unheard of in TO); variances to the setback and size of terraces/balconies; variances to the slope of the roof (who knew there rules?); and they’re looking to build a 3 metre acoustic fence (vs. the city’s allowed 2 metre fences). We actually live on Florence street (just a few houses over from this development in fact) so these variances directly affect us: I kind of wish they would extend that 3 metre fence all the way to my house for some extra privacy and quiet.
  • With sales of the 20 townhomes slated to start at the end of November, construction will begin as soon as 60% of them are sold (lenders require rules like that). If the interest on this blog and from our clients is any indication, I’d expect the sales to be swift. Sure, people are nervous about the market – but 3,000 sqft townhouses with 3 bedrooms, 2 parking spots and a great modern aesthetic are rare in Toronto and even rarer in a hot neighbourhood like Brockton Village.  And of course Lighthaus is partly pre-fab, so the whole construction process will be a lot faster than usual.
  • Prices are still estimated to start at $1 million
  • The builder, Great Gulf, is behind some important Toronto projects, including 1 Bloor and Charlie in King West. We admit, we don’t like all the builders in Toronto, but we’re fans of Great Gulf.
  • The architect is rumoured to be Quadrangle, the group behind the Toy Factory lofts (which we love), 130 Bloor, the BMW showroom and some other great stuff confirmed with the builder to be Stamp Architecture.
We’re really looking forward to the launch of these luxury townhouses and seeing what kinds of pricing incentives they’ll be offering VIP real estate agents to pass on to their clients. If you want the insider scoop as Lighthaus Beaconsfield comes to market, make sure to contact us!
For more details and pics about Lighthaus Beaconsfield, check out our earlier post: Lighthaus Beaconsfield.
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