Lighthaus Townhouses in Beaconsfield, Toronto

UPDATE: Click here for the official details, prices, floorplans of the newly -renamed Lighthaus Brockton townhouse project


New development hot off the presses – and I do mean hot: Lighthaus Beaconsfield Townhomes by Great Gulf. 

We attended the community consultation meeting last night for a new development that will literally be 4 doors from our house…and we can’t be more excited (both as neighbours and as Toronto real estate agents).

It’s about time Toronto got some modern townhouses!


Here’s what we know so far:

  • Lighthaus Beaconsifled will be built on Florence Street, just west of Dufferin in between Queen and Dundas (technically in the  Brockton Village neighbourhood, though based on the development name, I’m guessing the developer is hoping that we start to think of Beaconsfield Village as west of Dufferin too)
  • 20 suites: 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhouses that will be larger than almost anything we see downtown: 3,000 sqft!
  • Construction will be quick – primarily because they are manufacturing much of the houses off-site (pre fab!) – they are anticipating move-in dates of fall 2013
  • Units are 3 storeys tall, with the top storey being a massive master bedroom
  • A massive skylight will be a feature of each home, allowing a three-storey column of natural light through the centre of the house
  • Almost every unit will have 2 parking spots (that’s just crazy awesome)
  • Lighthaus Beaconsfield is designed with sustainability as a priority – think integrated ventilation systems and zoned climate control
  • Landscaping is a big part of the plan – check out those gardens!
  • Prices for Lighthaus start at $1 million (which sounds like a lot until you remember they are 3,000 sqft and in a hot urban neighbourhood)
  • The builder is Great Gulf – they have a good reputation and we like a lot of the stuff they build (unlike a lot of other builders who will go unnamed)

If all goes according to plan, pre-sales of the Lighthaus Beaconsfield Townhomes should start in a few months, and I’d expect these to sell out fast – where else can you get 3,000 sqft of cool space in one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto?

If you want to be kept informed of what’s happening with the Lighthaus Beaconsfield project, contact us via the form below…we could be neighbours!

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    • When they build condo towers, they are required to do ‘light’ studies to make sure the existing homes will not lose all their sunlight. The area that these particular townhouses back onto is currently zoned light industrial (as far as we know). There are proposals for 3 towers on Dufferin street that step down in height as they approach the residential homes, but it doesn’t look like they will affect this particular development.

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