Toronto Realtors, the BREL teamThe time has come to grow the BREL team. We’re looking for a licensed Sales Representative looking to take their real estate career to the next level. We aren’t looking for an assistant, we’re looking for a full-fledged team member.

Candidates whose names don’t start with B, R, E or L need not apply. (just kidding)


  • Open to new ways of doing things, from prospecting to marketing to technology
  • Obsessed with wowing clients
  • Responsive and reliable
  • Operate with high integrity – you do what you say you’ll do
  • Believe in an ethical approach to real estate – you believe that what’s right for your client will always be what’s right for you in the long run
  • Committed to operating your real estate business as a business
  • Have a highly-flexible schedule
  • Tech-savvy or open to becoming tech-savvy
  • Work hard, play hard. (cliché but true)


  • Our mantra: No BS. No fridge magnets. No broken promises.
  • Hard-working, high energy, we make shit happen.
  • Informal. Casual. We like to have fun.
  • Committed to wowing clients and always doing the right thing
  • Obsessed with social media, our online brand and technology and making it work in real estate (www.getwhatyouwant.ca)

What you’ll get from BREL

  • In person shadowing, coaching and mentorship
  • Top notch training to make social media and your website lead generation machines
  • Leads – but we still want you to build your own business

You know you aren’t a BREL if….

  • You keep your cell phone number secret
  • You think it’s OK to take photos for your new listing with your phone
  • Your phone starts with a B and ends with a lackberry and you’re OK with that.
  • You think clients should cater to your schedule vs the other way around
  • You tend to say no and make excuses vs. throwing yourself in and seeing if something works

If you think you might be a BREL, send us an e-mail and tell us why. 


  1. Congratulations on moving to a new brokerage! It’s sounds exciting, and I’m sure you’ll both flourish and excel as you always do. Yay Brel team!

  2. What a loss for Bosley! Good luck at Sage you guys do some really great and innovative stuff for real estate I hope it all goes well for you. Kate

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