Toronto real estate market updateSure, the weather is spectacularly summer-like, but it feels like fall, at least in Toronto’s real estate market.

Brendan and I have been helping people buy and sell real estate in Toronto for a while now, and we’re a pretty good barometer of what’s going on in the market. We can usually predict what the monthly sales figures will be like based on how busy we are. We weren’t surprised when the stats showed that the spring real estate market came early this year, and we were right about it ending early too. We felt the slowdown in the condo market (at least in certain price brackets) and we knew the crazy spring bidding wars would be reflected in the price increase stats. Realtors expected Buyers to hurry up and buy before the new mortgage changes came into effect, but based on our activity, we didn’t think the numbers would reflect that (and we were right).

So what’s going on now, in what is traditionally the time realtors run off to the cottage? Well it feels like the fall market is here.

September is normally the second busiest season, after spring, which usually arrives in March.  It’s only July 25th, and yet Brendan and I have had a crazy week of meeting new and eager Buyers and  Sellers (check out our new loft listing in Liberty Village). Our clients aren’t looking to time the market, they aren’t looking to play games. They’re just looking for a home.

What could this all mean?

It could just be coincidence.
It could be that our real estate seasons are all early this year.
Or it could mean nothing at all and Brendan and I just had a good real estate week.

Hopefully, all this activity means that Toronto Buyer and Seller confidence remains healthy. And the sky isn’t about to fall after all.

If you want to get in on the early-fall action, contact us today at brel@getwhatyouwant.ca.

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