We know buying a home is stressful…and moving is even worse. That’s why we’re committed to helping shoulder the pain for our Buyers. At no additional cost to you, here are just some of the things the BREL Concierge can help with:

  • Booking a home inspection
  • Picking up and dropping off cheques and keys
  • Getting quotes from reliable movers
  • Ordering and delivering packing and moving supplies
  • Making junk removal arrangements
  • Utility connections
  • Getting mail forwarded
  • Coordinating house cleaning for move-in day
  • Coordinating a locksmith
  • Waiting for the cable guy (or the delivery people, the handyman, the painters…)
  • Introductions to tradespeople and home service professionals
  • Researching schools and daycares

And for an extra fee, our extended team can even help with:

  • Packing
  • Move management
  • Child-proofing your home
  • Dog-proofing your yard
  • Property management

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