Paperless real estate estateIn many ways, the real industry is stuck in the ’80’s: realtors love their fax machines, we still get ‘paged’ at the office and when it comes to paperwork (of which there is a LOT in real estate), everyone likes to print out 6 copies of everything. And…get ready for it… we actually have a form in triplicate at our office (Gen Y’s: that’s when you have to press real hard with your pen to get through the white copy, the pink copy and the yellow copy).

Long ago, Brendan and I made the decision to be different. Not just in how we approach real estate, our client relationships and marketing, but in how we work.

Our real estate practice revolves around our iPads: they  make us look good when we present  to new clients; our clients use them to take photos and record their thoughts during presentations; they give us instant access to MLS listings and sold prices;  and we sign all the paperwork we’re legally allowed to electronically sign, on the iPad.

We long ago left our fax machine on the curb (literally – undoubtedly picked up by an old-school realtor or one of the homeless people who hang out at the nearby Beer Store).

How do our clients respond? They love it. In fact, many of them expect it. The rest of the world has changed and it’s high time real estate does too.

There are two kinds of realtors in Toronto: those who fax, get paged, use triplicate and write notes on paper. And there are those who don’t. Who do you want to work with?

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