If Location, Location, Location is the #1 rule of Toronto real estate, then Timing, Timing, Timing should be the second.

Strategy #1 Sell when there are plenty of Buyers looking to buy. Yes, there clearly is a ‘spring market’ – but Sellers take note – spring in real estate starts in February. If you wait to list your home until May, like all your neighbours, potential Buyers will have infinitely more choices – which may result in you being on the market longer, or not getting as high a price as you would have had you listed when there was less competition.

Strategy #2 – Sell when no one else is Selling. The right time to list may well be when other Sellers are busy at the cottage or getting ready for the holidays. August and December homes for sale have less competition, which means that the Buyers who are out there are more likely to see your home. Not to mention, they are likely more serious – who looks for houses the week before Christmas? People who have to move.

If you’re thinking of listing your home, feel free to contact us to find out what your home is worth. And welcome to the spring market.

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