buyer and seller seminarWe’re excited to announce a new series of Buyer and Seller seminars that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home…we’re calling them BRELinars

Forget boring ‘first-time buyer’ seminars in boring real estate offices – we’re bringing what you need to know about buying and selling in Toronto to you. You’ll have the opportunity to listen and interact with experts – from mortgage lenders and home inspectors to lawyers and stagers.

Tweet, text or e-mail us your burning questions – you can participate from anywhere and from any device (well, maybe not a Blackberry….).

To participate, simply sign-up below…..

Bidding War Bootcamp – September 4, 2013 (8-9 PM)

Everything you need to know to win that bidding war (and not break the bank). We’ll be sharing insider tips and tricks to make sure you come out on top.

Click here to sign up for Bidding War Bootcamp BRELinar

Financing for First Time Buyers – October 2, 2013 (8-9 PM)

Variable mortgage? Fixed-rate mortgage? How much do you qualify for? Our mortgage guru Henry Vincent from RBC will join us to tell us exactly what you need to know.

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